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Concert Photos

Michael Murray Concert Photo

The photo above is from a concert in Ottawa and the one below is from a concert in Donkin, Nova Scotia.

Michael Murray Nova Scotia Concert

The Guitar Summit 2005

The teachers and students of the 2005 Guitar Summit, in North Hatley, Quebec. The teachers are in the front row from left to right, Steve Groves, Maxime Racicot, myself and Jon Damian.

The Guitar Summit 2005 2nd Picture

My youngest student and nephew, Aidan, 5 years old.

Aidan's Guitar Lesson Ottawa

Teaching my student, Nick, in Ottawa.

Nick's Guitar Lesson Ottawa

Guitar Demonstration at School

Giving a demonstration for the kindergarten class at Divine Infant School in Ottawa.

Guitar Demonstration Ottawa

Playing for my friend Sam Cole in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia (in case anyone was wondering, the television was on mute).

Playing Guitar for Sam

Some photos of the beautiful Hochschule fuer Musik Franz Liszt in Weimar, Germany.

Hochschule fur Musik Franz Liszt Main Building

The main building of the school, a palace where Germany's greatest playwright, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (writer of the famous play Faust about the man who sold his soul to the devil), had his office when he was working for the city of Weimar administration. The school was founded by the great piano virtuoso and composer, Franz Liszt, who lived much of his life in Weimar. It is one of the world's largest music schools with 950 students and probably there is no other music school that can compete with the beauty and historical value of its buildings. In addition to the above palace, the school has a building where the originator of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther, lived for some months and the piano faculty is housed in a house where Liszt once lived. The main building is located about 200 meters from the location of the house (no longer standing) where Bach lived during the years he worked in Weimar. The guitar department is located on the grounds of Belvedere Palace, a palace on the edge of the city where the rulers of the kingdom spent their summers.

Administration Building of the HfM Franz Liszt

The school's administration building.

Belvedere Palace Weimar

Belvedere Palace, the location of the guitar department.

Guitar Building Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt

The guitar building of the HfM Franz Liszt, located next to Belvedere Palace. In addition to the palace and the numerous gardens and parks surrounding it, there were even two peacocks who would walk around and entertain us during our breaks from practicing.