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Prelude in C Minor BWV999 - Johann Sebastian Bach - Sept. 12, 2015

Uncloudy Day - John Fahey - 26 janvier 2014

Carnival of Venice Op. 6 - Johann Kaspar Mertz - Feb. 1, 2013

A studio recorded audio version of me playing the Carnival of Venice can be purchased from iTunes or from me directly here

Spanish Romance - Anonymous May 2, 2011 in Montreal

My Immortal by Evanescence with Chloe Wong Vocals - December 8, 2009 in Montreal

Moon River by Henry Mancini with Chloe Wong Vocals- February 24, 2009 in Montreal



July 30, 2005 Bandeen Hall, Bishop's University, Lennoxville, Quebec



Maddie Longson (Auckland, New Zealand)

Nocturne No. 1 By Johann Kaspar Mertz - June 7, 2017 in Auckland

Maddie Longson (Auckland, New Zealand)

Chanson By Manuel Ponce - June 7, 2017 in Auckland

Nicolas Moise (New York City)

Allegretto Op. 114, No. 9 By Ferdinando Carulli - May 30, 2016 in Montréal

Allison Cameron (Montreal)

In The Olive Grove By Brian Katz - March 26, 2016 in Montréal

Claude Lafreniere (Montreal)

Capriccio By Johann Anton Logy - March 4, 2014 in Montréal

Myriam Plante (Montreal)

Almande "La Mon Amy La" By Adrian Le Roy - Jan. 7, 2014 in Montreal

Myriam Plante (Montreal)

Andante By Johann Kaspar Mertz - Oct. 2, 2013 in Montreal

Edson Teixeira (Montreal)

Tango Pour Mario By Gerard Montreuil - May. 15, 2013 in Montreal

Farshad Ghaderpanah (Montreal)

Scarborough Fair (Arr. Per-Olov Kindgren) - Mar. 30, 2013 in Montreal

Farshad Ghaderpanah (Montreal)

Miami By Gerard Montreuil - Nov. 30, 2012 in Montreal

Chihn Nguyen (Montreal)

Eterna Saudade by Dilermando Reis - Oct. 3, 2010 in Montreal

Jocelyn Charbonneau (Montreal)

Prelude in C by G.F. Handel - November 12, 2009 in Montreal

Chihn Nguyen (Montreal)

Syracuse by Henri Salvador - April 27, 2009 in Montreal

Kaito (Montreal)

Packington's Pound - November 29, 2008 in Montreal


Farewell to Nova Scotia - (arr. Michael Connor), March 1, 2008 in Montreal

Jamie Madill (Ottawa)

Fernando Sor - Study in B Minor Op.35 No.22, January 13, 2008 in Montreal

Fernando Sor -Allegretto op.35 no.8, January 13, 2008 in Montreal

Choral Fughetta No. 6 by Robert Benedict, January 13, 2008 in Montreal



Myriam Plante (Montreal)

Daniel Bélanger Étreintes December 7, 2010 in Montreal

Chloe Wong (Montreal)

John Denver Country Roads (Japanese Version) July 25, 2008 in Montreal

Chrissy Steinbock (Ottawa)

Turlough O'Carolan's Si Bheag Si Mhor (The Little Fairy Hill and the Big Fairy Hill) June 22, 2008 in Ottawa


Liam (Montreal)

Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven November 16, 2008 in Montreal

Cyndi Horton (Montreal)

John William's Imperial March from Star Wars November 14, 2008 in Montreal


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